The capsule is inspired by Swedish nature and a love story that begins in the archipelago.
In a summer weekend of gay pride celebrations Jannike Sommar meets her love for the first time. Surrounded by nature, colors and the endless sunset light of the Nordics, the archipelago is like a painting scenario for the first date.
The bright colors of the pride festival fusion with the organic lines of the landscape. This highly pop imagery intensifies the feeling of a love at first sight.
Jannike translates this personal experience into a bold capsule pushing her signature blend of patchwork and color.
Black waves become a silhouette of two girls kissing, bringing the queer love concept of the first capsule to a more abstract level.
The patchwork shapes also appear in upcycled garments this time. Second hand jeans and jackets in black and blue are deconstructed and restitched into bi-color denim pieces.
Second skin tops and leggings are made of super soft recycled jersey with prints in pink and blue, sprinkling the collection with queer kisses.

70% of the collection is made of recycled materials and upcycled garments.

Photographer ERIKA RODIN @erikarodin
Light assistent FELIPE CHAVES @chaaaves
Makeup CHARLIE VAN DE HO @__charlie_van_de_ho
Model & dancer BENJAMIN BERTRAND @benjaminkarimbertrand
Model & dancer ALIASHKA HILSUM @aliashka_a